This is the fantasy and horror art of Leigh-Ann Sjögren.

I currently share my art for free, so if you like what you see, consider donating to make it possible for me to produce! Every dollar helps!

I fail to see how I’m being unreasonable in asking my step brother to bloody well can it and not wake me up every night. He, for some reason, seems to think I’m unreasonable.

I’m gonna start taking his computer every night after 9pm.

IT’S FINALLY FINISHED!  The masochistic art project of the 3-day weekend has been completed! I’ve been working on this since Friday. The wings alone took two days. But I’m glad it’s done. Completed in my moleskine sketchbook, courtesy of nayteyoufool. Thank you for the sketchbook, baby. 

More photos of the progress. Wings finally done.

So I made a new theme and cleaned up some tags.  This blog should be a lot easier to navigate!

Made some progress while at a family BBQ. This is going to take ages.

I can’t go on like this.  The cramping in my hand from all these god damn feather details is really wearing my down.  I’ll pick it back up in a little while.

Working hard or hardly working? We just don’t know.

Transparent skull monster for your my blog. ;D

Transparent skull monster for your my blog. ;D

More doodles.